Kids Music in Kids' Museums (Interactivity 2014)


I've spoken about kids music in a number of settings over the years, and while it's always nice to talk with fellow kids' music nerds, I get a particular kick from talking about kids music with folks who aren't as dialed into the kids music scene.

Which is exactly what I get to do in May, when the Association of Children's Museums hosts their annual Interactivity conference in Phoenix.  I've been booking kids' shows at the wonderful Children's Museum of Phoenix for several years now, and I helped them put together a panel for this year's conference, which they're hosting.  The panel is called "How To Rock YOUR Museum!" (see page 27 of the preliminary program) and so on Thursday, May 17 I'll be joining Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis from Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band and Jim Packard from the Long Island Children's Museum as well my main partner at CMOP and a local Music Together provider (from whom our family actually took classes).

I am really looking forward to sharing what I know about the world of kids music with who I believe are more than a thousand attendees at the conference -- no offense to the other sessions scheduled at the same time, but they should all attend our session.

And if you're planning on attending, stop by and say hello -- I'd love to meet a reader in person!