Monday Morning Smile: "1000 Cones"

I'm featuring this video this morning because the idea that a bunch of people on the internet would pool their money together just to buy a thousand strangers in Denver ice cream cones amused me.  (Amused me enough that I threw in a few ducats for the Kickstarter campaign for the project.) 

So, yeah, it's pretty much Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn from the Jordan, Jesse, Go! show just being silly as they help distribute a thousand ice cream cones.  But it's still fun.

Plus: ice cream.  No feature about ice cream can ever be bad. 

Note: I'm not a comedy podcast person, so I can't say that I'm a Jordan, Jesse, Go! listener (yet), but I am a big fan of Thorn's Bullseye show, which I recommend tracking down via podcast if it's not on your local public radio station.