Heidi Swedberg Teaches You "Al Tambor" on the Ukulele


On her latest album My Cup of TeaHeidi Swedberg and her friends take the listener on a variety show tour of music from across the centuries and continents, a full-fledged instrumental extravaganza.  But at heart, Swedberg remains a ukulele evangelist dedicated to teaching the humblest of stringed instruments to folks the world over.

That's why I'm tickled pink that Swedberg is offering up a free and exclusive ukulele lesson for the song "Al Tambor" (which appears on My Cup of Tea  as well).  She and one of her chief partners in musical crime Daniel Ward take you through the two -- just two! -- chords needed to play the song.  And in case you're the kind of person who wants to study a piece of paper (hey, I'm that guy sometimes), Swedberg has put together a sheet for you.  Download the chord chart here.

Thanks to Heidi and Daniel for the lessons -- uke players, you know what to do!