Weekly Summary (7/1/13 - 7/7/13)

OK, I admit it -- I barely posted at all last week.  Holiday week, busy week otherwise, etc., etc.  Can't post 20 items every week, I guess. 

Blog:  Monday Morning Smile: Oliver Jeffers Author Film, Interview: Monique Martin (SummerStage)

Videos:  None (can you believe it again?!)


Listen to Music:  Worst Superpower Ever - The Doubleclicks

Free Music:  None

Kids Music Reviews:  None

Upcoming Releases: Constantly updating...


Kindie Week in Review:  Episode 22: 33 Must-Have Songs for Mowing the Lawn

My Other Other Gig:  None

Bake SaleApp Camp For Girls: Non-Profit Camp Teaching Girls To Program iOS Apps