Play List: Again with the Little Boy Blue Birthday Playlist

We had a birthday party recently for Little Boy Blue and while it wasn't necessarily close to his actual birthday, we didn't worry much about that. 

But the mix CD for guests, yeah, that we (OK, I) sweated over a bit.  And so for something like the fifth consecutive year (although I guess the most recent mix here is from a couple years ago) , guests got a mix CD of mostly -- but not entirely -- kids music.

Here's the playlist and, for those of you on Spotify, you too can enjoy the home experience via the Spotify playlist or direct link or widget below.


They Might Be Giants – Figure Eight
Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke
Dean Jones – Snail Mail
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke – Bigga Bagga
The Board of Education – I'm Not Here Right Now
Psy – Gangnam Style (강남스타일)
Lesley & the Flying Foxes – I Love To...
Ratboy Jr. – High 5 Your Shadow
Shine and the Moonbeams – High Five
Play Date – Anyone Can Sing
They Might Be Giants – Tubthumping - feat. the Onion AV Club Choir
Caspar Babypants – Too Dirty To Love
Boxtop Jenkins – Wag More (feat. Indigo Girls)
Recess Monkey – Fish Sticks
Paul Spring – Home of Song
Stevie Wonder – Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Billy Kelly – Don't Tell Me That I Don't Know What I Know (When You Know That You Don't Know What I Know That I Know)

Bill Harley & Keith Munslow – It's Not Fair to Me
Cat Doorman – Peaceful
The Not-Its! – Let's Skateboard
Counting Crows – Accidentally In Love
Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band – A Bailar
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke – Take Ten
Justin Roberts – All For You
Renee & Jeremy – Give It Away

Duplex – Figure 8