Weekly Summary (5/27/13 - 6/2/13)

I noted that I posted very little on Facebook or Twitter this week.  I did, however, post more here a bit on, y'know, this website.

Blog:  Video: "The Rattling Can" - Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke, How I Got Here: Frances England (The Wiggles / Galaxie 500)

Videos: "Seventeen Years (A Cicada Love Song)" - Lloyd Miller


Listen to Music: "(Look for the) Good People" - Sugar Free Allstars, Pleased To Meet You - Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke

Free Music:  "Just Another Finger" - Mista Cookie Jar

Kids Music Reviews: None this week...

Upcoming Releases: I've said summer is busy, right?  It's busy.


Kindie Week in Review: Not-an-Episode 1: Where I Just Write Stuff Down

My Other Other Gig: None this week...

Bake Sale: None this week...