Hey, Podcasts!

Apologies for a moment of self-promotion where I remind you that if you want to hear my radio-ready voice on NPR more than once every three or four months, you are welcome to sign up for any of the three Zooglobble-related podcasts as noted below.  Listen to them here on the site, put them into your RSS feed, or download 'em via iTunes.


Kindie Week in Review - The original Zooglobble podcast, and the fastest six (to ten) minutes in kindie music (faster if you listen at double speed!).  Listen to me give you some highlights from the week's kindie news and other news from kid-friendly media, along with a discussion of chart news.  Airs weekly (usually).

Subscribe to podcast: iTunes / http://zooglobble.com/kindie-week-in-review?format=rss 



My Other Other Gig  - This podcast features conversations with kids musicians and others in the kindie world about non-kindie topics.  Inspired by conversations I've had with kindie musicians about stuff that had nothing to do with kids music, MOOG lets you know what (else) makes kids musicians tick.  Or ticked off.  Airs a couple times a month (I hope).

Subscribe to podcast: iTunes / http://zooglobble.com/my-other-other-gig?format=rss 


Bake Sale  - Finally, the newest podcast features Kickstarter and other crowdfunding projects while  they're in the process of seeking funding.  Not just for kids music, but for any project seeking to serve kids.

I'd also note that because Kickstarter and crowdfunding projects sometimes operate on a limited timeframe I'm not always able to interview everyone I'd like for the podcast, so I've started highlighting other projects exclusively on the website.  (I'm calling them "Non-Casts.")  Airs a couple times a month (with Non-Casts more frequent). 

Subscribe: iTunes / http://zooglobble.com/bakesale?format=rss