As soon as the recaps of the Portlandia episode where Carrie and Fred decide to start playing kids music hit the web last month, I knew that the YouTube embeds couldn't be far behind.  And sure enough, a relevant clip was up the next day.

The clip's been making the kindie rounds, mostly because, hey, Portlandia!, but also because it touches on a variety of themes familiar to those of us making, listening to and writing about music for families in the 21st century ("Kids like time changes and interesting time signatures").

As for me, when the show mentioned the Pitchfork Kids! website, I decided to go ahead and grab the URL I occasionally self-deprecatingly think Zooglobble as, even though I think I (and the kids music world generally) have a much kindler and gentler approach.  It amuses me to think of what people who stumble upon my site via that redirect must think...