Video: Recess Monkey's "Tambourine Submarine" Live at Teatro ZinZanni

It is easy to get spoiled in this era of instant access.  So let's just take a moment to appreciate what Recess Monkey has done.  They filmed -- with six cameras -- their latest 54-minute kids show at Seattle's Teatro ZinZanni and put it on the internet for you to watch for free.  It's from their "Tambourine Submarine" show this past summer and fall and, in addition, to their high-energy live show, the show features some clowning (beyond Jack's and Drew's and Korum's), hula-dancing, and acrobatics.  I'd put the ratio at about 80% Recess Monkey / 20% circus, but close to 100% fun.  (Also, props for the '90s and even '80s rock song shout-outs.)