Listen To This: Buy One Get One Flea Sampler - Dog on Fleas


It started as a trickle -- an offer of a free track, "Hinterlands," from the next Dog on Fleas album, punnily titled, Buy One Get One Flea.

And now, while I hesitate to call it a flood -- a stream, perhaps -- more music from the beloved New York everything-including-the-kitchen-sink band is making its way to the public's ears.

The sampler below not only features "Hinterlands" but three other tracks in the same jazzy, picnic blanket sound of some of the band's earlier work.  It also features the "Grand March" from Verdi's Aida, which you'll probably recognize once you hear the melody, though I feel confident in saying James Levine never conducted a version like this.

Buy One Get One Flea will be released February 2, 2014.

Dog on Fleas - Buy One Get One Flea Sampler [Bandcamp]