Reminder: I Podcast. Quite A Bit, Actually

Do you know I spend some time talking into a microphone?

No, not just an NPR microphone -- a much cheaper one.  It's the microphone I use to record 3 different podcasts, and if you haven't checked them out, now is the perfect time as new episodes of each have gone up in the past 48 hours.


For My Other Other Gig, I just posted an interview with Molly Ledford from the band Lunch Money about the space puppet musical Planet Hopping she's helped create with the South Carolina puppet duo Belle et Bête.  The 33-minute conversation is lots of fun and, as always, gets into issues of stretching yourself creatively.  (Subscribe to the feed here: iTunes /


For Bake Sale, I posted an interview I conducted last week with Brady Rymer.  He was prepping his Kickstarter campaign to produce his seventh album for families, Just Say Hi!.  That project went live this week, and so did the interview. It's an 18-minute conversation about Kickstarter and community.  (Subscribe to the feed here: iTunes /


Finally, just about every week I give you the Kindie Week in Review -- "all that's news in the world of kids music and beyond," and do it in less than 10 minutes -- maybe 5 if you're listen on double speed.  Tons of news in this week's review -- album releases, Kickstarters, and chart news, plus more.  (Subscribe to the feed here: iTunes /

If you're interested in kids music, I think you'll find at least one of these podcasts worth your time.  Thanks for listening.