Super Why! Meets fun. Guitarist in Battle of Punctuation

(WordGirl to referee.)

OK, not really, but Super Why! and the preschool show's animated team of pint-sized problem-solvers have their first-ever soundtrack courtesy of fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff.  It's (wordily) called the Super Why! You've Got the Power Soundtrack and features 18 tracks from the series, including 10 new tracks written by Antonoff, who also recorded and produced the album.

"We Are Young" apparently was not just a song title, right?

In any case, you can download the title track for free via the widget below.  Lyrically, it's your standard "kids self-empowerment" song, but those families digging the Auto-Tuned poppy sound of fun.'s latest album will want to check it out.

The soundtrack comes out Oct. 30th on Razor & Tie, though the iTunes preorder suggests it'll be out Oct. 2nd.