Listen to This: In Your Ear - fleaBITE

Not too much kids music from New Zealand crosses my desk.

OK, no kids music from New Zealand has ever crossed my desk, at least virtually.

So let's hear it for the digital revolution, which has made it possible for a Yankee like me to listen to a song about the hairiest person in the world, followed by a semi-classical piece featuring only the word "Meep," followed by a Mantovani-esque tribute to a cat that doesn't reciprocate its owner's love in a particularly gentle manner.  Yay for digital!

As a result, those of us stateside can easily give In Your Ear, the 2011 debut album from New Zealand's fleaBITE, a spin.  The concept is that it's a band of fleas, but aside from a couple songs, the concept is not as developed as it was with the Wee Hairy Beasties.  But it's delightfully absurd (and sometimes, on songs like "Time Goes By" and "Far Away," beautiful).  If it sounds like the silliness of New Zealan's Fatcat & Fishface, that's because F&F's producer started this project as well.  Give the album a listen, and decide how eager you'll be to hear their forthcoming album Circus of Fleas to be released this spring (that's this fall for those of us in the Northern hemisphere).