Elena Moon Park's Rabbit Days & Dumplings... Almost Here

It's been a long time since Dan Zanes compatriot Elena Moon Park announced her plan to Kickstart her debut album of Asian kids' music.  Now, nearly 18 months after Rabbit Days & Dumplings was offered to the world at large for its support, the album is complete and has cover art (from Kristiana Parn) and a release date (September 25). While there's no tracks for your public listening pleasure (yet), Dan Zanes fans will find the often festive sounds somewhat familiar.  (The album also features folks like Wu Man, the Kronos Quartet, and members from Bang on a Can.)  Track listing below.

1. Sol Nal (설날 )  
2. Diu Diu Deng (丟丟銅)  
3. Doraji (도라지)  
4. Tum Tum Chuen (氹氹轉)  
5. Sisi Sima  
6. Soran Bushi (ソーラン節)  
7. Poong Nyun Ga (풍년가)  
8. Akatombo (赤とんぼ)  
9. Zui Zui Zukkorobashi (ずいずいずっころばし)  
10. Diu Shou Juan (丢手绢)  
11. San Toki (산토끼)  
12. Picking Flowers (采花)  
13. Summer is Here  
14. Ti Oh Oh (天黑黑)  
15. Anta Gata Doko Sa (あんたがたどこさ)  
16. Tinsagunu Hana (てぃんさぐぬ花)