Radio Playlist: New Music February 2012

Time again to update the Zooglobble radio station, covering assorted tracks collected in the first couple months or so of 2012. (You can see my January 2012 playlist here.)

This playlist airs in the mid-afternoons (West Coast time), but if you can't listen in the afternoon, the tracks are scattered throughout the day, too. The listing below is in alphabetical order; the on-air play order is totally random (due to Internet music restrictions).

Whoa Jack! - Andrew Queen (Grow)
Gravity - AudraRox (La Bella Stella)
Kick Drum Heart - Bari Koral Family Rock Band (Anna And The Cupcakes)
Raccoon's Got A Bushy Tail - Ben Bowen (The Bumblebee EP)
Why Is Dad So Mad? (Single) - The Board of Education (Why Is Dad So Mad? (Single))
Peanut Butter & Jelly - The Boogers (10 Great Songs About Food)
Capybara - Brian Vogan & His Good Buddies (Born To Wiggle)
Augustus Jackson - Ellis Paul (The Hero In You)
Rocks 'n Sand - Essence (A Dog Named MOO... And His Friend ROO)
The Moose Lives Where? - Farmer Jason and Jo Nesbo and Todd Snider (Nature Jams)
Everybody Sing - Imagination Movers (Rock-O-Matic)
Muscle And Bone - Katherine Dines (Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Hits)
States And Capitals - Macho Nacho And Mouth Trumpet (Musical Stew)
Syeeda's ABCs (Syeeda's Song Flute) - Matt Wilson (WeBop: A Family Jazz Party)
Rollerskate Banana Peel - Mo Phillips (Monster Suit)
What Would You Do with a Grumpy Sailor? - Rick Huddle (Arrrr! Pirates Have Feelings Too)
Sandbox - Riff Rockit (Riff Rockit)
La Familia (The Family) - Sing With Senor (Uno Dos - Songs for Learning Spanish)
Nightlight - Spaghetti Eddie! (Spaghetti Eddie! and Other Children's Songs Vol. 2)
Se A Alegria Existe - Teresa Cristina (Brazilian Playground)
Coconut Trees - Two Of A Kind (Sing Me Your Story)