Kickstarter Update: The Kindie Crowd-Funding Continues

shine_moonbeams_logo.jpgNot sure why, but these Kickstarter kids music projects come in clumps. Another fine batch of kindie projects from Kickstarter and its kin, so let's hop to it.

First up is the Kickstarter project from New York's Shine and the Moonbeams. Anyone who saw them at Kindiefest last year knows just how awesome this album could be. Yes, it's a debut album, but with folks like Dan Zanes and Tor Hyams lending their support, it's gonna be pro all the way.

Baltimore's Milkshake's concept for their Kickstarter project features a bunch of music one minute (or so) in length.

Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band's Kickstarter project doesn't officially launch until Friday, but you can watch the preview video now. [And here it is!]Rather than raising money for the album itself (I'm So Glad! comes out April 3), Alex Mitnick and crew are raising money for videos for the album. As someone who likes videos, I say, woot!

Kickstarter doesn't have a monopoly on kids' music projects -- Athens, GA band Like Totally! are pitching their project on IndieGoGo. I've actually been following the band for a little while now and I'm curious to see what a focused producer does with their Elephant-Six-meets-The-Polyphonic-Spree-meets-Sesame-Street vibe.

Now, in the category of "just lettin' ya know," Ralph Covert, aka Ralph's World launched and successfully funded his Kickstarter project to film a pilot for a new TV show called Time Machine Guitar, which features, er, a guitar that allows Ralph to travel Back. In. Ti-ime.

Also, there will be puppets.

The whole project looks pretty cool, with some top-notch talent backing Ralph up to make the pilot really cool. So keep your eyes out for that.
Finally, I've been geeked for a couple weeks now because it looks like the long-discussed Luscious Jackson kids album will -- at some point -- finally make its way into this household. The band has turned to PledgeMusic to help fund its new album and while it has nothing to do with kids music, one of the rewards (beyond new music from LJ, which is also a Good Thing) is a copy of that 6-year-old (unreleased) kids' album, Baby DJ.