Please Release Me: January 2012 Edition

It's 2012, and time again for an updated list of new and upcoming releases, many of which were on last month's list. Additions to the list are noted with a "++"; changes to previously-mentioned items are indicated with italics.

As always, if I've listed you on here and gotten something wrong (or something not ready for primetime), let me know and I'll edit or delete it. And if you're not on here and think you should be, drop me a line, too, and I'll get you added for the next iteration.

++ Little Miss Ann: Walk With Me (Jan. 15)
++ Kidz Bop: Kidz Bop 21 (Jan. 17)
++ Two of a Kind: Sing Me Your Story (Jan. 24)
++ Tom's Fun Band: Macaroni and Cheese (Jan. 27)
Princess Katie and Racer Steve: Love, Cake & Monsters (January?)
Central Services Board of Education: Binary [tentative] (January?)
The Good Ms. Padgett: ... Tells The Little Red Hen and Other Stories (January?)
RhymeZwell: Robots on the Dance Floor (January?)
Big Don: Big Don's Brand New Beat (January?)
Riff Rockit: Riff Rockit (CD, DVD, Jan. 24)
Katherine Dines: Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta HITS (Jan. 31)
Ellis Paul: The Hero in You (January)
The Fresh Beat Band: Soundtrack (January)
++ Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Depeche Mode (Feb. 7)
++ Farmer Jason: Nature Jams (Feb. 7)
The Bari Koral Family Rock Band: Anna And The Cupcakes (Feb. 14)
Putumayo Kids: Instrumental Dreamland (Feb. 28)
Tim and the Space Cadets: Anthems for Adventure (February)
Bill Harley: High Dives and Other Things That Could Have Happened (February)
Doctor Noize: Grammaropolis (March 4)
Recess Music: La Bella Stella (March 27)
Gustafer Yellowgold: Gustafer Yellowgold’s Year in The Day (April 3)
Mo Phillips: Title TBA (April 10)
Caspar Babypants: HOT DOG! (April 17)
++ Sukey Molloy: I Am Happy (April 24)
Orange Sherbet: Delicious (May 1)
Hope Harris: Picasso, That's Who (May 8)
Okee Dokee Brothers: Mississippi River CD/DVD (May)
Randy Kaplan: Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie (spring?)
The Funky Mamas and Friends: Pickin’ In The Garden (spring)
Elena Moon Park: Rabbit Days and Dumplings (spring)
++ The Pop Ups: Radio Jungle (spring)
++ Alison Faith Levy: World of Wonder (spring)
The Dirty Sock Funtime Band: Dirty Socks Come Clean (June 26)
Charity and the JAMband: Family Values (July 3)
++ Recess Music: Someone Else’s Shoes (September 25)
Andy Z: The Grand Scream of Things (Halloween 2012)

Other expected 2012 albums: Ah-Choo, Peter Apel, Ratboy, Jr., Sugar Free Allstars, Renee & Jeremy, The Bramble Jam, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo (Make Believers), Bobby Susser (Wo), Eric Herman (2 albums: one music, one comedy skits), Keith Munslow (2 albums: one solo, one with Bill Harley), Wayne Potash, Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band, Lori Henriques, Shine and the Moonbeams, Yumza! ++