Radio Playlist: New Music January 2012

Time again to update the Zooglobble radio station, covering assorted tracks collected in the last couple months or so of 2012. (You can see my October 2011 playlist here.)

This playlist airs in the mid-afternoons (West Coast time), but if you can't listen in the afternoon, the tracks are scattered throughout the day, too. The listing below is in alphabetical order; the on-air play order is totally random (due to Internet music restrictions).

Bill Bailey - The Biscuit Brothers (Get Up & Go)
It's Not Fair - The Buzzniks (Bug Out)
Goldfinches - The Chickadees (The Froggy Hop)
Help - Cloud Cult (Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 3)
Walk Away - Debbie And Friends (All About Bullies...Big And Small)
Sacagawea - The Deedle Deedle Dees (Strange Dees, Indeed)
Max The Wonder Dog - DidiPop (Everyday Adventure)
Samantha the Butterfly - Fox & Branch (Things Are Coming My Way!)
I've Been Playing In A Soul Band - Groove Kid Nation (Music In Motion)
Sugar Buzz - Jeanie B! And The Jelly Beans (Sugar Buzz)
Living Inside Of A Jar - Jim Gill (Jim Gill Presents Music Play For Folks Of All Stripes)
The Mixing Bowl - Kira Willey (Kings & Queens of the Forest)
Soldier’s Joy - Laura Veirs (Tumble Bee)
Sometimes - Little Miss Ann (Walk with Me)
Welcome To The Library - Melvil Dewey (Deweylicious! Library Hip Hop)
Bambas - Mujeres (Els Transports)
Masha And The Rain - Sasha Bondarev (Sand Castle)
Wrong Side Of The Bed - Soundzania (Soundzania Elementary School)
Stink Bug - We Kids Rock Band (We Kids Rock!)