A Small Nod from Small Magazine

SmallMagIssue19.jpgThere are times when I feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of music to listen to and develop opinions on -- these are the times when I search for a video featuring an animated cat to just move forward and create. So when the lovely magazine Small Magazine said they'd be featuring me in an upcoming issue and asked for 5 albums I'm digging right now, I was (a) flattered, and (b) eager to have a short, time-limited assignment.

So head here to find out about those five albums, three of which aren't even out yet, technically speaking. Of course, I should note that asking me to pick just five is very much a point in time snapshot, especially given the volume of music moving across my desk now -- if you asked me to make that list today, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look the same. But these five (including one debut) are all quality disks.