The Thinkers Seek Your Help

TheThinkers.jpgI think we've established that I like The Thinkers. The duo from Boston and NYC released their first album and I used words and phrases like "utterly imaginative" and "smitten" and "sea chanty" to describe it. Those are usually good signs that I liked the album, right?

Anyway, I wrote those words as the band was about to head out across the country -- I mean, Recess Monkey-style, playing dozens of gigs.

But there's still time for you to a) catch them on tour, or b) help further overburden their schedule. (The latter is what I did, getting them into an impromptu gig at the Children's Museum of Phoenix in a week and a half.) The rest of the schedule, after the jump, and, really, folks, lots of opportunities here...
7/6/11 Raleigh, NC - Marbles Kids Museum
7/7/11 Charlotte, NC - Levine Children's Hospital 2pm
7/8/11 Knoxville, TN – East Tennessee Children's Hospital
7/9/11 Memphis, TN - LeBonheur Hospital
7/13/11 Albuquerque, NM - University of NM Children's Hospital 12pm
7/13/11 Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque Children's Art Studio 6pm
7/14/11 Flagstaff, AZ - Bookman's
7/17/11 Phoenix, AZ - Children's Museum of Phoenix
7/18/11 San Diego, CA - Rady Children's Hospital
7/19/11 Los Angeles, CA - UCLA Children’s Hospital 3pm
7/21/11 Los Angeles, CA – Venice Beach
7/22/11 Santa Barbara, CA - Cottage Children’s Hospital
7/23/11 Santa Barbara, CA - Summer For Kids
7/25/11 San Luis Obispo, CA – San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum 1pm
7/27/11 Santa Cruz, CA – Santa Cruz Boardwalk
7/28/11 Oakland, CA - Oakland Children's Hospital
7/29/11 San Francisco, CA - SF Family House 3PM
7/30/11 Sausalito, CA - Bay Area Discovery Museum 11am
8/1/11 Sacramento, CA - UC Davis Children's Hospital 10am
8/1/11 Sacramento, CA - Shriners Children's Hospital 1pm
8/5/11 Redding, CA - Shasta Libraries Craft Event 3pm
8/6/11 Redding, CA - Shasta Farmer's Market TBD
8/7/11 Medford, OR - Kid-Time Children's Museum
8/9/11 Portland, OR - Doernbecher Children's Hospital 11am
8/14/11 Seattle, WA - Lincoln Park University of Washington & Bright Horizons Family Picnic