From A(pp) to Z(ooglobble)

zooglobble_2color_a_CROPsmall.jpgBetween newsletters and presentations, I'm doing my darnedest to spread the word about kids music and to make news and the music easily accessible.

So today I'm announcing that I've got an app for your mobile downloading pleasure. Basically, you can use the app to find out about my latest posts and Twitter comments, rather than needing to wade through Facebook or Twitter or constantly hitting refresh at -- not that there's anything wrong with that. (And sometimes I post stuff here without mentioning it on Facebook or Twitter.)

You can find out the details here, or you can go directly here to download the Android app. Now, for iOS users like me, I don't have a fancy app available through the iTunes Store (sorry), but if you go here with your iPhone, iPad, iWhatHaveYou, you'll be offered the option of placing the mobile web app on your home screen. (I think you can do that for Android and other devices as well.)

I hope the app is useful for you. It'll be a nice break from Angry Birds, right?