Concert Recap: The Thinkers (July 2011, Children's Museum of Phoenix)

IMG_5740.jpgHoo boy, that was a fun show put on by The Thinkers on Sunday. We set up most of the Children's Museum of Phoenix shows many months in advance, so it's not often we can fit in a last-minute addition like the Thinkers as the Boston/NY-based band moved westward on a massive country-wide tour, but I'm glad we did, because we all had fun.

Little Boy Blue, Miss Mary Mack, and I caught their second set of the day, and with the help of a generous supply of egg shakers and rhythm sticks, it was one of the most chaotic sets I've seen in the sunlit room where we host the shows.

IMG_5746.jpgBut chaotic in a good, not totally chaotic way. Just lots of kids banging around, jumping, maybe dancing. (I was told that the first set earlier was even more packed and chaotic.) Nobody really knew the songs, of course (present company excepted), but the kids were more than game.

Twenty-five minutes later, they were done, the kids were toast, and I had a grin on my face.

The band continues to tour for at least next three weeks up the west coast. Definitely track 'em down and check 'em out.

Here's "Froggy Hop," with more live video after the jump.

The Thinkers - "Froggy Hop" [YouTube]

The Thinkers - "Walk Your Dogs" [YouTube]

The Thinkers - "Mushy Berry Pie" [YouTube]

The Thinkers - "Island Breeze" [YouTube]