The Ketchup Report, Vol. 9

1UkeCandy.jpgKetchup Report, Road Trip Division
A couple artists are currently embarking on pretty remarkable journeys. Heidi Swedberg is currently in Haiti bringing to the Global Family Orphanage in Les Cayes not just a couple dozen ukuleles (offered cheaply by Kala Instruments and purchased by the St. Brendan's Ukulele Club via bake sales) but also ukulele technique. As Swedberg notes the ukes are "compact; a box of 12 can fly at the cost of a suitcase." Swedberg said her first song would be “Ton-ton Buki”, the Haitian version of “Freres Jacques” - I'm sure they're long past that by now...

Second, Minnesota's Okee Dokee Brothers are heading down the Mighty Mississippi as we speak, part of their album-writing/portaging experience. They've received a bunch of publicity for the concept (guess it was more newsworthy than that time I drove down I-35 from the Twin Cities and sang along to a bunch of songs on the radio). You can follow their Mississippi blog here. The link below features an interview and a live cut of "Auctioneer" and an in-development track "Can You Canoe?"

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In the category of philanthropic activities, Michael Gurley (best known for his work in dada has released a dapper little kids music track, his first, called "Penguins." It's a benefit for Acoustic for Autism. Should you care to, you can sample and/or download it here.

In the category of philanthropic activities (or at least highly beneficial for parents), Charity and the JAMband's free download (or at least "name your own price") is "Potty Like a Tinkle Star" (get it? Party Like a Twinkle Star the name of part of her last album? I thought it was funny.) You can never have too many encouraging potty training songs, that's what I say.

Rhythm_Words_2011.jpgOK, yes, there was Jiggle Jam. And Every Family Rocks. And the Kindiependent stage at the Northwest Folklife Festival. (It was a busy Memorial Day weekend, no?) But it's summer, so the kids festivals continue. If you're in the Twin Cities on June 11, I might recommend the Rhythm and Words 2011 festival. I've previously been a fan, and they've got another nice lineup -- the Bazillions, Sweet Colleens, and Koo Koo Kanga Roo, among others. (Also: author Lynne Jonnell, woot!)

I would also note that while I don't tend to review that much "educational" music 'round here, the lineup that they've got for a gig in NAEYC Orlando this November? It's like Lollapalooza for that particular subgenre -- Ella Jenkins, Hap Palmer, The Learning Station and Greg & Steve. I think it's actually open to the public.

Finally, while I just noted that I don't do that much "educational" music in the blog, this video for "Doctor" from Jonathan Sprout is over the top enough to be amusing. (You might also learn just a little bit about Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor in America.)

Jonathan Sprout - "Doctor" [YouTube]