Kids and Classical Music

I just played orchestral concerts in two cities with CA's fantastic North State Symphony (over 1,100 tickets soldper show to adventurous American superkids). It's official:I’ve been commissioned to compose a full-length family orchestral work! We preview bits of Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony with the Juneau Symphony in January (no word whether Sarah and Todd will snowmobile in for the show) before its full premiere with the North State Symphony in May 2012 and album release. They requested a “21st Century Peter & The Wolf” -- um, just a replacement for the most beloved children’s composition of the last 100 years. Whatever. Pass the salt. I also flew a plane and sang a duet with a cockroach in CA (a future Noize TV episode will prove this). Tonight's dinner conversation highlight... Riley (6): "Mom, you look so chic with your sunglasses on indoors." Chic Mama: "Where did you learn that word?" Riley: "I don't know." Whatever. Pass the salt. Teaser: The Return Of Phineas McBoof album and book arrive later this year