Red? Anne Hathaway vs. Hayden Panettiere, Singing

RedRidingHood.jpgLongtime readers will know of my love for the soundtrack to Hoodwinked, an excellent soundtrack that was out of print for awhile but is now easily available.

So now the long-delayed sequel, Hoodwinked Too!, is in theatres, and I'm wondering whether I should go with the family to see it. (We've subsequently acquired a copy of the original on DVD, and we like it quite a bit.) I was nervous because despite the original's director and creator Cory Edwards' assurances that the sequel was good (he's a co-writer on the new movie), I wasn't getting a good vibe from the trailer, and, what's worse, Todd Edwards, who was responsible for the soundtrack, is nowhere to be found on this film.

Instead, what we have is this, courtesy of Hayden Panettiere, brought in to replace Anne Hathaway as the voice of Red:

Hayden Panettiere - "I Can Do It Alone" (from Hoodwinked Too!) [YouTube]

Sigh. So... generic. And so not intriguing to me. (Oh, and the video would appear to give away a major plot twist, so foo on that, too.)

Finding clips of the first movie online is obviously a little difficult, but I would just direct you to...
Anne Hathaway - "Great Big World" (from Hoodwinked!) [YouTube]

Yeah, that's better....