Share: "Wear My Pajamas to School" - Rudy Trubitt

WearMyPajamasToSchool.jpgRudy Trubitt has been writing songs for awhile, both for The Sippy Cups as well as solo stuff. While the Sippy Cups take a hiatus (a "nap," Trubitt calls it), he's got some new music out, notably "Wear My Pajamas to School." He says he wrote it "inspired by a tradition at our Oakland Public Elementary School: Pajama Day! You know the drill--leave your P.J.s on, grab a stuffy and out the door." (Evidently, transitional objects are a theme this week.)

Anyway, for the price of an e-mail to Trubitt's e-mail list you can download the song below. Or just stream it, if you'd like. If you like the Sippy Cups, you'll like this.