Share: Free Earth Day Songs

It's Earth Day, a holiday for which kids music represents well, kids being interested in the future of the planet and all. Here's a list of songs for Earth Day 2011, free for the cost of a few electrons:

David Tobocman has a funky, futuristic take on the garbageman of the future on his song, "I'm Gonna Be a Garbage Man."

I'm Gonna Be a Garbage Man by tobocman

Meanwhile, Charity Kahn and the JAMband take an... er... earthier approach on their Songs for Earth Day 2011 EP, featuring "I'm A Little Bunny," "Rattlin' Bog" (my favorite, but I love the song generally), and the mellow "Wise Old Owl."

There's always the Baze and his Silly Friends track "A Little Green." It features Stacia Newcomb, who plays “Star” on PBS Kids Sprout's The Good Night Show as guest vocalist and lots of "na na na"s on the singalong chorus. Download it for free here.

Finally, as we noted last week, Dan Zanes, Bill Harley, and Daria have Earth Day-related songs for your listening pleasure (DZ's will cost you, though it's for charity; the others are free).