This Cover Art is FLYING!

FLYING Cover 72 dpi.jpgAh, Recess Monkey, look what you've done now. You've proven beyond all doubt that Mayor Monkey is indeed your secret weapon. Clearly the slightly bumbling and affable nature of Hizzoner is just a front, judging by the cover of the band's upcoming release FLYING!. That's a great photo, boys. (The rest of the album art is from Jarrett Krosoczka, creator of the Lunch Lady comics).

Tracklisting for the Tor Hyams-produced album, due out June 21 -- along with the listing of a gazillion guest stars -- is after the jump.

1. Flying
2. Day Job
3. Covered in Band Aids (Tor Hyams plays piano on this and several other tracks)
4. Sidekick (Chris Ballew aka Caspar Babypants plays the harmonica)
5. My Valentine (Dean Jones plays trombone, Johnny Bregar adds piano and Tom Baisden plays the trumpet)
6. Bravest Kid in the World
7. Your Favorite Book
8. Toolbox
9. Grandmom's House ("a retelling of 'over the river and through the woods,' now with a horn section! Features Chris Wiser from Sugar Free Allstars on organ and Tom Baisden from The Not-Its on trumpets)
10. Invisible Friend (Features Molly Ledford from Lunch Money)
11. Flapjacks (Features Justin Lansing from the Okee Dokee Brothers and Chris Ballew)
12. Bunk Bed
13. Super Stuffies
14. Flying (reprise)