The Ketchup Report, Vol. 7

I see a lot of stuff. I don't always have time for a separate post. Here, then, is a collection of random pieces of information -- videos, downloads, news -- that never made it into its own neatly-titled post.

-- Aaron Nigel Smith is offering up a free mp3 of his song "In a Book," a slow reggae jam not featured on his forthcoming Let's Pretend album. Pick it up here.

Los Plumabits-- I'd read somewhere -- probably a comment on its Facebook page -- that there was going to be a Kidzapalooza in Chile this year. That struck me as odd, but sure enough, yes, there is. April 2nd and 3rd, while Lollapalooza entertains a whole bunch of folks in Santiago, acts such as Achú, Cuchara, Fractal + Joe Vanconcellos, Los Pulentos, Los Plumabits, and Magictwins will be rocking the Kidza stage (though in the case of the Magictwins, I'm not sure "rock" is the word, even though they rock... magically). Kidzapalooza co-founder Tor Hyams reports he is indeed making the trek down to South America to produce the stage, a trek which makes the cross-country flights folks like Hyams and myself will make for Kindiefest seem like small potatoes.

And, Tor, please see what you can do about bringing Los Plumabits -- featured on a Chilean kids' TV show which seems to be somewhat analagous to Yo Gabba Gabba! -- to the States.

Los Plumabits - "Disco Laser" [YouTube]

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-- We're big fans of the KC Jiggle Jam 'round here, and they recently announced their lineup for Memorial Day weekend (May 28 and 29). The lineup was strong enough as it was -- Justin Roberts, the Verve Pipe, Okee Dokee Brothers, Brady Rymer, Funky Mama, Mayor of Kansas City (it seems like) Jim "Stinky Feet" Cosgrove, and more -- but they added one more via voting on their Facebook page. A nifty idea, I thought, which led to the Not-Its joining the lineup. For the price -- $15 for both days -- it's a great deal.

-- First Seattle, then Los Angeles, then San Francisco, and now Portland, Oregon. A bunch of Portland's family musicians are banding together for a couple shows on April 23 and 30. See folks like Matt Clark, The Alphabeticians, and Mo Phillips on the cheap. More details here.

-- I have wanted to mention the newsletter LA kids' musician Groovy David does on a weekly basis because I think it's an example of the way musicians can create community even without doing shows together and so forth. His newsletter features links to family-friendly activities, interesting sights on the web, and links to his podcast. The podcast features interviews with other kindie artists and often new songs (I heard a new song from the Jimmies a while back). If interested in getting on the list, send an e-mail to soundssweetshow AT gmail DOT com.

-- Morgan Taylor, creator of Gustafer Yellowgold, has been releasing a series of entertaining "behind-the-scenes" videos. Today's release looks at pterodactyl evolution. At least in animation. (Plus also: a look at the very first Gustafer Yellowgold product, dating all the way back to 2004.)

-- Finally, two videos: The first is from Chuck Brown and the Chuckleberries and the second is from Groove Kid Nation. Both will amuse your kids, I think.

Chuck Brown and the Chuckleberries - "Yellowberry Jam" [YouTube]

Groove Kid Nation - "Itsy Bitsy Spider" [YouTube]