Kindiefest 2011: Come To My Panel!

OK, it's not really my panel, but still. I already mentioned why I thought this year's Kindiefest would be worth your while if you are anything more than a passive consumer of family music.

Well, now the schedule of panels with panelists has been released. And, see? There's my name! Man, that trip across the country isn't easy, but there are so many reasons to go.

That's right, I'll be moderating "Playing Nice: Collaboration and Raising All Boats," all about "how the total can be more than the sum of the parts." Damn straight it can be. And it features a great panel of folks -- Dean Jones, Frances England, Bill Childs, and Johnny Bregar.

It starts at 12:30 and lasts just an hour, so get there promptly because I'm because I'm already working on my fake bio bits for the panel and I'm going to rule that panel with an iron fist.

Just kidding.


By the way, if you were worried about the price, the Kindiefesters have announced that the registration price will stay at $90 for the full day of panels and evening showcase. Much, much cheaper than SXSW, I can assure you.