Video: "Robots" - Zooey

I've been a fan of the British magazine for kids Okido for a little while now. But only from afar. You see, it's a bit pricy to have it imported to the States. It's a quarterly, ad-free magazine for kids ages 2 through 7, sorta like Highlights with about 80% less "play-nice" preachiness. (Or the preferred mag 'round here, Ladybug, with about 30% more funkiness.) See the last issue about the natural world and biodiversity for an example or read it after the jump. (I'm telling you, iPad subscriptions would be gold.)

Anyway, their latest issue is about robots. And their latest video, entitled "Robots," is kinda funky, good for getting the kids up and at 'em. Illustrations by Alex Barrow, animation by Chris Lam, and music by ZOOE. (Or maybe it's Zooey. I'm going with Zooey. Definitely not Zooey Deschanel, though.)

ZOOE - "Robots" [YouTube]