Songs for Valentine's Day 2011

'Round here, the civics geek inside of me would like to think that everybody celebrates February 14 as Arizona Statehood Day, but I know that it's primarily Valentine's Day just as it is in the rest of the country. Unlike the frenzy of winter holiday songs, however, the kids music community hasn't necessarily jumped in recorded a whole bunch of songs for Valentine's Day. But for those families and kids for whom that Transformers Valentine's Day tattoo just won't fit the bill, here are a few songs for you...

DidiPop might have been the first to offer up a new Valentine's Day song this year -- it's called "Happy Valentine's Day." (Note: Unlike Christmas songs, it would appear that "Valentine" is a required word in the title of Valentine's Day songs.)

DidiPop - "Happy Valentine's Day" YouTube]

The February installment of Jeremy Plays Guitar's monthly free song of the month series is, unsurprisingly, Valentine-themed. (It's even called "Valentines.") That means bows and arrows!

OK, not really. It's more about making Valentine's Day cards. Listen to or download the song here.

And, yes, there's more...
Suzi Shelton didn't have a new song for 2011, but here's a song and dance with Shelton's daughter Emma Rose...

Suzi Shelton - "Valentine Song" [YouTube]

And speaking of song and dance, as previously noted, Recess Monkey has offered a song off their forthcoming album as a teaser ('cuz, really, this wouldn't make nearly as much sense in June, right?)

Recess Monkey - "My Valentine" [YouTube]