Christmas Songs 2011, Part III

I think it's time to wrap up my Christmas/holiday song links for 2011 seeing as it's barely 48 hours until the celebrating starts. In case you missed any of it, here are links to:

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Kris Kindie, the kids music Christmas benefit compilation
Tips for caroling with kids

And with that, let's get rolling.

So, speaking of Kris Kindie, a couple of the tracks on the album are available elsewhere here on the Interwebs.

HipwadersLive.jpgThe Hipwaders appeared on Northern California radio this morning, playing a couple tracks off their fun Kindie Christmas album. They played "Wake Up (It's a Christmas Surprise)" (yes, it's on Kris Kindie) live in-studio. Good to hear DJ back in the fold. (Listen to "Yes, It's Christmas" here.)

Debbie and Friends also contributed a song to the compilation -- the new tune (and Spin Doctors-inspired) "Santa and Baby." No, she didn't create the video just for the compilation -- that would be a little much to ask for in just a week, but it's kinda cute anyway.

Debbie and Friends - "Santa and Baby" [YouTube]

Oh, you think we're done here?... we're busier than a shopping mall the last Saturday before Christmas.

I liked Todd McHatton's Christmas Songs album back when it was a kindergartner with just 5 songs. Now it's a pre-teen, with 10 whole songs, including another duet between the radio and video stars of "I Think I'm a Bunny." (That would be on "Put the Star on Top.") Download the album for just $1.99...

I like this rendition of "Little Drummer Boy," a song that's hard to cover without getting tiresome, from Papa Crow.

Papa Crow - "Little Drummer Boy" [YouTube]

While "Itsy Bitsy Spider" isn't a Christmas or holiday song by any stretch of the imagination, Alison Faith Levy (of the Sippy Cups) has Phil Spector-ized the song and I must admit that it does sound very holiday-ish. (By the way, Levy's new album will be out in the spring.)

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Mystery Lawn Music

Other notes:

-- Dan Zanes' guitarist and occasional duet partner Sonia de los Santos is offering up a free download of her take (with Zanes) on the traditional tune "Himno Guadulupano". (It's from Zanes' Welcome Table collection.)
-- James Coffey is giving away a free download of his song "A Magical Christmas Train"; pick it up here. If they're not so into trains, your kids may also like his video for "Reindeer Blues".
-- Kurt Gallagher offers up a video for "Chubby Little Snowman".
-- I am not a good rapper. Or wrapper. And while I appreciate Ryan SanAngelo's enthusiasm, his video for "The Christmas Rap" suggests I may be in the middle of the pack(aging) in that regard.

-- Finally, this is a year old, but the message still counts. Thao Nguyen has a "Gift Card" for you. I heartily suggest you use it. A bit dry for the kiddoes, but the adults will understand perfectly.

Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you're celebrating this time of the year!