The Ketchup Report, Vol. 12

Time for the Ketchup Report, kids' music favorite collection of news bits and videos I couldn't figure out how to write about on its own or didn't have the time to do so! (Yay, adequacy!) But I feel confident that at least one of these items will be of note to you...

GalacticChampionsOfJoy.jpgTomorrow, Todd McHatton will be guest-hosting Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, which, well, y'know, wouldn't be something I'd normally note. But in honor of the guest spot, McHatton's also donating 100% of profits raised this week from his new album Galactic Champions of Joy to the Haitian People's Support Project, the beneficiary of Spare the Rock Records' excellent Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti compilation. Go here, name your price (at least a buck), and get a download of the album and benefit a worthy charity. The offer ends tomorrow, October 8th. So tarry not.

-- Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove has done the crowd-funding thing, now he's doing the crowd-sourcing thing, looking for fans to produce his next video. He's encouraging everyone -- including families -- to give it a shot for one of four songs from his most recent album Swimming in Noodles. And in addition to "fame, glory, [and] warm-fuzzy feelings," Cosgrove is also offering cash prizes for the top three videos. Finished videos are due November 14th. All the details are at the link above.

A video and a very long-form video after the jump...
-- This video from Australian band The Mudcakes is pretty simple, but I find the uke (and the animated images) a wee bit hypnotic.

The Mudcakes - "Crocodile" [YouTube]

-- The Kennedy Center brings in music 365 days of the year and sometimes family music makes the cut -- DC gypsy-roots band Cake for Dinner, whose debut was one of those albums I just didn't quite get around to but definitely had merit, played the KC stage earlier this year. You can watch the whole darn thing here.