Share: Free Halloween Tunes from Ratboy Jr., Todd McHatton, and Mr. Ray

OK, really, it's two free songs and one free...ish song.

Halloween songs for 2011 trickled out slowly for awhile -- there was Roy Handy back in July, then there was Skelly and the Punkins late last month.

But now, like a group of zombies running down the street to catch the bus, three Halloween tunes were released within 24 hours of each other.

Let's start with the "free...ish" song. It's called "Perfect Pumpkins," and it's from California psychedlic kid-popster Todd McHatton. It's a very sunshine-y tune that the Linus (or Matthew Sweet) fan in your family will appreciate. It'll cost ya 50 cents, but it's free for a limited time with a download of McHatton's new album Galactic Champions of Joy. Spin it below...

Moving on to upstate New York, Ratboy Jr. offer up a free track called "Where Do Monsters Go?" It features the duo's signature lo-fi sound and a rap from Frankenstein. You heard me -- Frankenstein raps. (And if the player below doesn't show up for some weird reason, just go here.)

DoYouBelieveInMonsters.jpgFinally, if that song frightened your little one -- unlikely, I know -- New Jersey's Mr. Ray offers up a more confidence-building pop song, "Do You Believe in Monsters?," which might help encourage the more timid of trick-or-treaters to overcome basic monster fears. You can download the track for free here, or learn more about a video contest he's running here.