Dan Zanes Teaches You "Jamaica Farewell"

Sure, he just calls it "The Basics - Part I," but Dan Zanes eventually tells you how to use those nice G, C, and D major chords to play "Jamaica Farewell," which Zanes recorded with Angelique Kidjo on his 2003 disk House Party. Now for those of you who have noted that his lessons have not been geared at beginners, this is totally geared at beginners. Perhaps my previous comments worked in some vague Old Spice guy-like way. Or maybe not: "Winter 2010" could mean it was recorded nearly 12 months ago. But if it was, then I repeat the call, Dan: ukulele lessons for everyone!

Dan Zanes - "Jamaica Farewell" (excerpt) [YouTube]

Oh, and how about a bonus Zanes-related video?
I stumbled upon this slightly more uptempo version of Zanes' "Wonder Wheel" performed by Vermont's Phineas Gage Project, the only kindie artist amongst a whole series of covers. I dig it.

The Phineas Gage Project - "Wonder Wheel" [YouTube]