Three Sesame Street Alphabet Songs

Given the sheer length of time Sesame Street has been turning out TV shows, it's not surprising that they have multiple alphabet songs in their repetoire. Here are 3 fun ones -- one very recent, one not too old, and one that if you remember it, you'll remember it from when you were a kid.

First up, the most traditional version from Tilly and the Wall. The first time I saw this was a couple years ago on the actual show, and it was so visually and aurally arresting that I stopped what I was doing and watched the whole thing. It's bright and colorful and percussive and... just... happy.

Tilly and the Wall (on Sesame Street) - "Alphabet Song" [Vimeo] (you can even download it at that link)

Tilly & the Wall on Sesame Street from Team Love on Vimeo.

Old -- I have faint memories of watching this as a child. Much more relaxing than Tilly and the Wall's version.

Sesame Street - "Madrigal Alphabet" [YouTube]

This one's a little newer and according to the YouTube post, comes from a DVD, and perhaps not from the show itself. I had my doubts before I clicked "play" (Kermit and a Zulu tribe? Really?), but it works quite nicely.

Sesame Street - "African Alphabet" [YouTube]