Above The Fold

Well, it's not every day you pick up your local newspaper and find your mug staring back at you (unless, of course, you're a particularly talented movie star or athlete), but that's what happened to me this morning. The Arizona Republic wrote an article on me and Zooglobble that was on the front of the "Phoenix Republic" insert -- and maybe others.

Oddly enough, the article (and smiling mug) doesn't appear online (edit: it does now, here), but my list of recommended CDs (four recent favorites, six family favorites) that appeared alongside the interview in print does. You can read that here.

(By the way, if you've stumbled across this website thanks to the article, welcome. If you're local and want to be kept up to date on local family music events, drop me a line -- see the e-mail address off to the right -- and I'll add you to my local events e-mail list.)