Announcing PlayMapped

JG_(CS07)-1.jpgBecause it gets so hot here in the Phoenix area during the summer when the kids are out of school, one of our major decision points in deciding where to go on vacation (if we take one), is, are there playgrounds there?

Well, there are playgrounds lots of places. But really good ones -- with interesting play structures for the kids and shade and seating for the adults -- those are harder to find. Even on the internet, where the reviews and rankings can be brief (or with little detail for visitors). Even, dare I say it, for where I live.

So I decided to start PlayMapped, a website devoted (mostly) to reviews of playgrounds from all around the country. That's right -- not only are there Phoenix playground reviews, but you can find reviews of, say, Seattle playgrounds or San Diego playgrounds.

The website is young, so there aren't many reviews, though I'm working on adding some more. But as I have no intentions on giving up on Zooglobble (more music reviews this week!), and I haven't figured out how to get by on 3 hours of sleep, I need your help. I know there are lots of readers here scattered all across the country (and world) who like, value, and have opinions on playgrounds just like I do. If you're able to write even one review on a local (or distant) playground, I -- and other parents -- would be very grateful. Details on what I'm looking for are here -- it shouldn't take up much of your time, and you'll get a couple links back on PlayMapped for your time.

So there it is. Hope you enjoy PlayMapped, hope you'll come back, and hope you'll add to the discussion. (And if you need more inspiration, just check out my list of songs for playgrounds.)