Keller Williams Takes the Airwaves

Kids.jpgAs previously noted and long anticipated, Keller Williams' first album for families, Kids, gets its release October 26, but it's gonna get a big push out the door at the very beginning of the month, with seven of the album's tracks getting world premieres all across the kid-ternets.

Including this corner. I'll be offering "Hula Hoop to Da Loop" for your streaming pleasure. As you might suspect from the name, those of you who dig Williams' ability with the looping technology will dig it bunches. And I think the rest of you will, too. Details on the rest of the schedule below.

Thursday, Sept. 30: “Keep It on the Paper” Gooney Bird Kids (GBK Radio)
Friday, Oct. 1: “My Neighbor is Happy Again” – Sirius/XM’s The Absolutely Mindy Show
Friday, Oct. 1: “Hula Hoop to Da Loop” – Zooglobble
Friday, Oct. 1: “Grandma’s Feather Bed” Pied Piper Radio
Saturday, Oct. 2: “Mama Tooted” – Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (part of a guest DJ set)
Saturday, Oct. 2: “Because I Said So” - Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
Saturday, Oct. 2: “Lucy Lawcy” Ages 3 & Up!