Itty-Bitty Review: Kid Songs - Salteens

KidSongs.jpgThis is the year of the kids music EP, apparently. First Haley Bonar, then Lucky Diaz -- now Vancouver's Salteens complete the trifecta of excellent family EPs with Kid Songs.

Most folks will probably come to Salteens via Yo Gabba Gabba! -- two of the songs have appeared on the show and another two were written and recorded for it as well. "I'm So Happy" is a giddy romp that will bring smiles to everyone, including and especially fans of The New Pornographers' throw-in-the-kitchen-sink arrangements. (Yes, there's an indie-pop formula at work, and I hope they don't lose it.) "Be Nice To Animals" lopes along sweetly, with just enough giddiness and over-the-top sincerity to make it listenable repeatedly. The band, recognizing the popularity of those two songs given their visibility, has shrewdly made those two songs only available via an $8 physical CD (which includes four other songs); if you just want the other four songs, you can get those digitally without those two songs for just $3.50. Those other four range from OK (the reflective "I Love My Cat") to pretty darn good ("All My Friends Are Different"). The purposefully emotional "Have a Nap Mom" is funny, but sounds out of place here with its wise beyond his years narrator and winking tone -- the rest of the album is so eager and earnest.

The EP is most appropriate for kids ages 2 through 6. You can listen to (and from there buy) the 4 digital tracks below (or here), and listen here for "I'm So Happy" and here for "Be Nice To Animals." Salteens have successfully dipped their toes into the family music water with Kid Songs and the only question, really, is whether you should get the 4-song or the 6-song version. I vote 6-song version -- so fun and definitely recommended.

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the album by the band's press folks for possible review.

<a href="">Kid Songs by The Salteens</a>