New from Readeez: Folderfuls

You know, I'm a little disappointed with Readeez' Michael Rachap. I mean, he could've recruited NWA's Eazy-E to help him on this new project (I know, he passed away a number of years ago, but work with me here), designed to make learning basic concepts such as basic grammar and how to tell time really easy. He could've called them Eazy-E's Easy-eez.

OK, on second thought, perhaps "Folderfuls" will do. More details forthcoming, but a swell idea for the pedagogically inclined. Update: more details are indeed forthcoming. I don't know, Michael, if The Economist asks to feature Folderfuls, I think you should take them up on it.

Readeez Folderfuls Trailer from Readeez on Vimeo.