Dinosaurs Love Kickstarter

The latest attempt to scale the Kickstarter wall in the family music world? It comes from Connecticut's Cretaceous Quintet, "New Haven’s premiere dinosaur-themed children’s wind quintet." That tongue-in-cheek (though I'm sure totally accurate) description comes from the Quintet's founder, Brian Robinson, who's written an entire album of dinosaur-themed music to be titled Roar!. Now he's looking to crowd-fund the album's production, offering rewards such as the opportunity to have you and your child's roar make the album and sheet music. After the widget (and the jump), the first video featured on Zooglobble to be filmed in Turkey. Yeah. Turkey.
This isn't the highest-quality video by a longshot, but how do you get a chance to embed a video filmed in Turkey.

Brian Robinson (The Cretaceous Quintet) - "The Alphabet of Dinosaurs" (Live in the Ampitheatre of the ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey) [YouTube]