Live Video: Elizabeth Mitchell / Frances England

I mentioned before the slew of release concerts being put on to celebrate the release of Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti. Three concerts down, three more to go. If they're at all like the one in Mill Valley, California, featuring Elizabeth Mitchell and Frances England, they're special affairs. At the show, they both played their tracks from the compilation, which are among my favorites on the record. For Frances' contribution, her original "That's What Friends Are For," Mitchell and husband Dan Littleton helped out. The song's called, "That's What Friends Are For" -- how could they not?

Frances England w/ Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton - "That's What Friends Are For" [YouTube]

After the jump, Mitchell's contribution, featuring a nice violin solo from Mitchell/Littleton (and Jon Langford) compatriot Jean Cook...
Elizabeth Mitchell and Friends - "Bright Morning Stars" [YouTube]