Is This Some Sort of Promo Kit: Pitching Kindie Albums

People really like bacon?

By all means include me in your blog post. Thanks for the tip on the typo. A publick slap on the rist four knot dewing a god job proofreadnig seams in ordur. Which raises a good point about promo: whenever possible, print your promo materials in short runs so if your information changes, or if you get some great new quote to add to your press sheet, or if you find a typo you can quickly adjust and move on. In this case I only printed 5 copies of the press sheet in a mad dash to get a few discs out the door by my release date. (A slew of delays held this project up every step of the way, but that's another story.)

One tip I'd have for would-be self promoters (not that you asked for a tip) is to find a good print/copy shop near your home base and let them print your materials. I use a great little shop up the street for all my promo printing: press sheets, posters, gig flyers, etc. I have a printer at home, but they have a much better one up the street. The quality is worth the extra expense, and it's tax deductible. Save your receipt!