Mind of My Own: Frances England Gets Some Help

MindOfMyOwn.JPGIronically for an album called Mind of My Own, Frances England has pulled together a lot of musical talent to help her make her third kindie rock record. (It's true, her Kindiefest appearance was not a one-off, it's a much more rocking record than her first two.) She's got a full band behind her and Tor Hyams produced the record. Not to mention a whole host of guest musicians, including Doug Snyder from the Jellydots, make an appearance. And, yes, the rumors are true -- Mates of State make an appearance on "Place in Your Heart," with a joyful singalong chorus that's bound to make a lot of family music radio playlists. Luckily, England's handiwork hasn't change from her first, very DIY affair -- its still her papercut artwork gracing the cover.

Anyway, Mind of My Own is out November 9th. The tracklist is after the jump.
1. Mind of My Own
2. Do You Hear the Birds Singing?
3. Jacques Cousteau
4. Red Balloon
5. Ladybug
6. Place in Your Heart (feat. Mates of State)
7. Bicycle [Ed.: Not a sequel to "Tricycle," musically, anyway.]
8. High on the Mountainside
9. Cookies and Milk (feat. Doug Snyder)
10. Vacation Delights
11. To Be
12. Come Back Home
13. All the Ways
14. Pieces of Me
15. Big Heart