Live Video: Ed Kowalczyk (Live), Live at Kidzapalooza

I think half the reason I wanted to post this was so I could put the word "Live" three times in a post title.

Ed Kowalczyk, best known to most of us as the lead singer of '90s alternative rock band, had a guest spot at Lollapalooza's Kidzapalooza stage. After being introduced by Kidzapalooza producer Tor Hyams, Kowalczyk explains that he doesn't have any kids' songs, but he does have songs about kids, and proceeds, in this edited video, to sing "Heaven," a song he wrote for his newborn daughter about 8 years ago, and a favorite from his Live days, "Lightning Crashes." Kowalczyk's voice is still in fine form, but I'm always amused to see the stock-still response of the adult listeners who crash the Kidzapalooza/Austin Kiddie Limits stages for the cool folks Hyams brings in as opposed to the abandon with which the young listeners throw themselves into dancing...

Ed Kowalczyk - "Heaven" / "Lightning Crashes" (live at Lollapalooza/Kidzapalooza) [YouTube]