Share: "Oh, John the Rabbit" - Elizabeth Mitchell

SunnyDay.jpgAs previously noted, Elizabeth Mitchell will be releasing her next family music album, Sunny Day, later this year, October 5, to be exact. And she's just released a super-cute video for one of the tracks on the new disk, "Oh, John the Rabbit." You can view the video here. It's pretty simple, with Elizabeth, Daniel, Storey, bunnies, and a bunch of other kids. "John the Rabbit" is a pretty classic call-and-response song, one that Mitchell recorded on her very first kids album, You Are My Flower. Storey wasn't even born when that album was released more than a decade ago; to have her join in on this version seems pretty cool.

Anyway, if you like the video, you can also download the mp3 from that page as well for the price of an e-mail.

Update: The video's now on YouTube...

Elizabeth Mitchell - "Oh, John the Rabbit" [YouTube]