Caspar Babypants Duets with Paul the Octopus!

THIS_IS_FUN_lower_res.jpgWell, not really, but c'mon, check out that cover art for This Is Fun!, the next album from Chris Ballew AKA Caspar Babypants. (Paul the Octopus predicts the album will be lots of fun!) The cover art, as was the case with the first two CB albums, is by Kate Endle (Chris Ballew's wife). As previously noted, the November 2 release will feature appearances by Elizabeth Mitchell, Charlie Hope, and Krist Novoselic.

Track list after the jump:
1. All You Pretty Babies
2. Speedy Centipede
3. The Legend of the Bone
4. Baby's Getting Up
5. Where Do You Go?
6. Googly Eyes
7. Shoo Fly
8. Tiger Through the Trees
9. Bounce Your Baby
10. Baby and the Animals
11. Sliver
12. The Cuckoo
13. It's Gonna Rain
14. The Frogs
15. Mister Rabbit
16. Little Ditty
17. Buckeye Jim
18. Look At All These Elephants
19. Tumble
20. Dark of Night