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    "The Body Rocks" In a Very Schoolhouse Rock-Like Way

    TheBodyRocks.jpgRounder Records sold off their Rounder Kids label a little while back, but just when they thought they were out, it keeps pulling them back in, because they've just announced the August 17 release of The Body Rocks on August 17. The album's a whole bunch of songs about functions of the human body. It's the creation of Marc "Doc" Dauer (musician, producer, and physician) and features performances by Liz Phair, Pete Yorn, Minnie Driver, Guster, and Dauer’s own three kids. (Insert joke here about appropriateness of Liz Phair performing on an album about bodily functions.)

    The obvious reference here is Schoolhouse Rock, down to the familiar (but not in a legally infringing sense) album logo. However, based on the roots-pop songs at its Myspace pageMyspace page, I think some folks will find it a worthy successor so that there's no need for a Physiology Rock! version from the classic show. (And They Might Be Giants can probably cross Here Comes Anatomy off their to-do list.) Anyway, here's a video bio -- track listing is after the jump...

    Track listing:
    Brain Intro
    Everything’s Controlled by the Brain (Featuring Liz Phair)
    Sight Intro
    Sight is One of Our Sense (Featuring Liz Phair)
    Muscles and Bones Make Our Bodies Move
    Pee Intro
    Pee Keeps Our Insides Clean (Featuring Pete Yorn)
    Hair Isn’t Just on Our Head
    Heart Intro
    The Heart Beats Lub Dub (Featuring Liz Phair)
    We’re All Big Fans of Glands (Featuring Liz Phair)
    Smell is Invisible (Featuring Minnie Driver)
    Skin Intro
    Skin is the Biggest Organ (Featuring Guster)
    Oxygen Intro
    Oxygen is our Friend (Featuring Liz Phair)
    Food Gives Energy to Me and You (Featuring Liz Phair)

    Reader Comments (2)

    I'm a little skeptical about clicking on the video for the probably-prudish reason that her shirt is gaping a lot lower than seems appropriate for a kids video.

    June 9, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterabigail
    Abigail, fear not--it's totally worth watching, especially for Doc's amazingly musical (and off-the-wall-silly) kids. I'll show it to my kids tomorrow--maybe it will give them a little boost through all those piano and harp practices they have to do.
    June 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKaty L

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